North Staffs Sailing Club-3

Sailing Instructions


The layout of the lake is shown to the right. The buoys are positioned in a clockwise direction, 1 being at the top left of the lake , all the way to 7 adjacent to the club house.

There are two types of races that are normally sailed. Handicap Races , have a single start time, and results are calculated at the end using the RYA's portsmouth yardstick handicap. The other type of race is a Pursuit race, they have diffrent starting times for diffrent boat classes, with the finishing position after 60 minutes being the final result, no calculation needed.

Start Sequence

This is the start sequence we use for a Handicap race normally sailed at North Staffs:


5 Minute Horn ( 1 Hoot )

Warning Flag Hoisted


4 Minute Horn ( 1 Hoot )

Preparatory signal (Flag P) Hoisted



1 Minute Horn ( 1 Hoot )

Preparatory signal (Flag P) Lowered



Start ! Warning Flag Lowered.

horn PDOWN PUP horn horn

RYA Handicaps: